Eighth Gate Mixed-Use Development | Damascus, Syria


    Client: Emaar IGO
    Type of Project: Mixed-Use Commercial Development

    The office building forms an integral part of the Eighth Gate Development; it is strategically located on the main Piazza. The design takes full advantage of such a prominent location where the building addresses the open square in a monumental fashion by unifying the two office blocks with a single frame that wraps the building and creates a gate-like structure.

    The two office blocks hover above the ground floor allowing the space to flow on pedestrian level. The ground floor is treated as a public space housing the two office block lobbies as well as two informal F&B pavilions. The opaque framing structure houses the vertical circulation and services as well as the roof services; it also shields the office floors from west and east sun exposure. On the other hand the office blocks are transparent on the south and north sides as well as the inner elevations where they become naturally protected.

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