Shui Jing Fang Mixed-Use Development | Chengdu, China


    Client: Zhaotai Land
    Type of Project: Mixed-Use Development - Hotel, Offices, Seviced Apartments & Retail

    The Tower is designed to act as a landmark in the center of Chengdu. It will accommodate retail, hotel, serviced apartments and office space. The striking form is achieved by the stepped separation of the twin towers which accommodate three sky garden platforms bridging the gap between the towers. The façade texture will be gradually lightened towards the top of the gleaming white tower which will create the illusion of a dissipating form against the city skyline. This effect will be reinforced with façade lighting at night. At ground level, the tower is complemented by a smaller low rise landmark, designed as an egg shaped form which will accommodate retail, hotel pool bar area and gardens.

    The Historical Village acts as a traditional counterfoil to the contemporary expression of the tower complex. It is a combination of conservation of older structures and new buildings in a similar traditional style. The new structures will accommodate retail, F&B outlets, cultural facilities, clubs and underground parking.

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