Mesk Gardens Kafarkouk Residential Development | Kafarkouk, Syria


    Client: DAR Mesk
    Operator: DAR Mesk
    Type of Project: Boutique hotel, souq, clubhouse, 162 villas and 318 apartments

    The different project zones or neighborhoods are determined by the topography which dictated the development’s winding roads. Based on typical Arabic spatial progression, the different components are designed to reflect traditional building typology with a modern interpretation of the materials:

    ­-The Tourist and Commercial area develops around a vehicular piazza, leading spatially into a pedestrian courtyard, linking one attraction to another through pedestrian walkways.
    ­-The villas have traditional architectural features, such a courtyard or a Liwan, and an entrance feature reminiscent of Damascus’s traditional buildings.

    The intended finishes and colors are all from the local area, including sandstone and limestone that can be treated in different textures to highlight the “Ablaq” pattern in a modern fashion.

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