DSA are widely acknowledged and recognised for creating unique and timeless experiences. Our core principle is to provide design solutions that offer a clear sense of place relating to their location and cultural traditions. 
Design Management
Quality Management
DSA care deeply about delivering sustainable developments that address negative environmental and social impacts of projects
Responsible Innovation
We believe that contributing positively to a sustainable built environment is a significant and vital part of our role as professional and responsible designers.

Designs that fully consider the use of eco-friendly materials, energy conservation and waste reduction are always our goal.
Sustainable Design Practices
We have several USGBC LEED Accredited Professionals among our team, and we use their experience and know-how to challenge ourselves to search for creative solutions focusing on optimum technical performance through the life cycle of the building.
Doing More with Less
Good building practice is about doing more with less and DSA believe that low-energy design should be the product of appropriate building analysis and design solutions, with the incorporation of common sense sustainable principles.

Over 200 Projects Delivered in BIM

We have delivered over 200 projects in  BIM and continue to push the boundaries of innovation in this field.

Through DSA’s creation of intelligent 3D models that efficiently improve design quality, coordination and collaboration, many advantages are provided to our clients and other project stakeholders on all our projects.

Powerful Systems

One of our major focusses of training and investment during the past decade has been on the implementation of BIM across the group.  

We have seen that the construction design industry has been exposed to considerable advances in 3D BIM software in recent years meaning that systems are more powerful and provide greater and more useful outputs in a quicker and easier manner than ever before.

Clearer Project Vision

Multi-disciplinary design teams can use these model-based designs as the basis for new, more efficient collaborative workflows that provide all stakeholders with a clearer vision of the project from an earlier point in time and increase the ability to make more informed decisions faster. 

State-of-the-art Technology

DSA utilise the latest Revit software on state of the art computers to enable us to offer such fully integrated BIM capabilities to all our Clients utilising the latest Autodesk Revit platform.

Industry-Experienced Team

Our Design Management Team are led by industry-experienced staff who have a proven track record of delivering diverse and large-scale projects. We offer a broader appreciation of each stakeholder’s priorities, and can balance these against the requirements of the project as a whole. 

Project Organisation

A structured approach to the delivery of the project is critical to its success. DSA recognise this and are well-versed in organising and managing teams both large and small, based locally and internationally.

Positive Team Approach

We endeavour to foster and create a positive team working approach with a ‘can do’ attitude. We are 100% committed to and focussed on delivery. To facilitate this, we employ various project procedures and protocol documents for use by all project stakeholders.

Design Process Control

The design process is complex and is therefore required to be controlled very closely. DSA set-out to achieve this by means of a series of project / design management tools and established systems.

High Quality Standards

DSA are highly committed to ensuring all information produced meet with the highest recognised industry standards for quality.  We see to it that a project is planned, executed and handed-over in accordance with the quality requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

Our objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and our policy ensures that all work, from initial enquiry to completion, is carried out in a manner which sets and maintains a high standard of service.

Latest Technology

Our specialist IT Team are consistently researching and investing in the latest hardware, software and providing our staff with the appropriate training to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation and technological advances.

Next Level Service

Our team of highly-experienced designers and managers always ensure the overall design integration and continuity, as well as coordination control. We see to it that the highest quality is maintained while adhering to the the design programme.

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