DSA as Exhibitors at Cityscape Global in Riyadh, KSA

September 26, 2023

DSA had a productive time meeting wonderful clients from across the globe at the recently concluded Cityscape Global, set in today's most developing country in terms of design and construction, Saudi Arabia.

The event was held between September 10 to 13 at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center in Malham, bringing together most of the leading Saudi Vision 2030 projects and a record-breaking attendance of 160,000+ all in one roof. The launch of Cityscape Global in Riyadh ties into the three key pillars – vibrant society, thriving economy, and ambitious nation.

Our team, including DSA Managing Director for Middle East, Peter Davison, Project Directors, Rachael Khanak, Mike Warren and Wael Hamed Aly, Design Principals, Maher Fleifel, Vinoj Velappan and Aleksandar Milojkovic, Senior Design Manager, Suhail Aldroubi, together with DSA KSA Partner, Waleed Alsudais, attended in full support of DSA as one of exhibitors who took part in the world’s largest real estate event.

Cityscape Global was indeed a great opportunity to meet various professionals and stakeholders sharing the same interest in shaping the future of real estate, urban planning, design, and architecture.


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Originally, I am from France but have spent many years living across the world, from Africa, The United States and most recently the Middle East.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle and as you can see, I have travelled a lot. Having an active life is very important to me, whether that be through things like mountain biking and water sports or even camping at the weekend.

My education began at the School of Versailles in Paris. It was a great school to study at, but I also loved it because of its location. Paris is such a diverse city that is always evolving. If you accompany that with decades of stunning architecture, it really becomes and place like no other.

I have been interested in seeing things grow and develop since a very young age. As a girl I would build sandcastles and tree houses with my brother. Over time that interest developed further and by my teens I knew I wanted to be an architect.

For the last 5 years I have been with the DSA team and my role consists of managing projects from design to creation. As a Project Architect, I am positioned between the design team and the client. It’s a role that I love because it can be so varied from project to project.

Each client has their own particular requests, and it is critical that I understand them at an early stage.

Not only does this help ensure that all team members keep to what the client wants, but also it means that any design hurdles can resolved at a swift pace, avoiding lengthy delays.

When a project begins, inspiration for design is never too far away. From looking back at past successes and evolving those ideas further, to examining the surroundings of the project location. It’s fundamental to capture the vision of the client, taking multiple elements and combining them to create a strong identity.

Spending some quality family time with my husband and son is extremely important to me. When i’m not emersed in a project, I like to spend as much time with them as possible. I also have a great passion for cooking and maintaining a healthy diet. I am always researching new and exciting recipes.

However, the excitement for designing is always with me and currently I am designing a villa for my family and I in France during my spare time.
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