Powerlist Influential 30 Architects 2024: Tim Goodall, Managing Director KSA

March 29, 2024

Tim Goodall leads DSA International KSA and has over three decades of construction industry experience within North Africa and the Middle East. He has been instrumental in the business’s expansion and has led the company formation of the new office in Riyadh, which is running with a full professional engineering licence.  

He has a multi-layer employment experience of working for contractors, clients, project managers, and with DSA in Design and Site Delivery. His extensive background allows him to appreciate the various requirements from all stakeholders which he has been able to instil across all the DSA teams. 

Having been part of company for over 20 years, he has played a key role within DSA, who have grown exponentially in scale, scope, and diversity, currently boasting a portfolio of over 500 projects in more than 30 countries. 

The firm has been established in the Middle East region since 2001, specialising in hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, education, and mixed-use developments. They currently operate across strategic locations globally, with their offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Belgrade, Kochi, and Hyderabad. This widespread presence allows DSA to cater to clients’ needs efficiently and effectively while maintaining their commitment to delivering exceptional architectural solutions. Their collaborations with more than 100 clients and operators have further solidified their reputation as a leading architectural firm. 

“As a business, our commitment to maintaining and enhancing our reputation as a professional, flexible, trusted, and delivery-focused ‘partner of choice’ is unwavering. We take pride in the close and repeat working relationships we have cultivated with our clients, major hotel operators and consultant partners. Our dedication to excellence drives us to continuously improve our services and exceed expectations”, says Tim. 

Tim believes that there are three key elements that have led to the company’s long-term success: relationships, relationships, and relationships. “At DSA, we understand the importance of successful relationships for all parties involved. We value our clients and partners, striving to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with our collaboration and delivery. Our focus is on building lasting relationships at every level of our business. From business development to winning contracts, design delivery to site supervision, each member of the DSA team is committed to fostering strong connections, because we know that in the end, it’s these relationships that truly drive success. These Relationships when linked with our professional excellence of delivery leads to DSA being the partner of choice”, he adds. 

As a strategic leader, Tim’s ability to balance multiple perspectives and various stakeholder needs, partnered with a very hands-on approach has resulted in stronger collaborations and new partnerships, including joint ventures with major international design practices, which offers a unique service offering. He is responsible for expanding the business in KSA, building partnerships, and delivering some of the region’s significant projects. To date, the firm have won an impressive list of high-end projects with leading developers in Saudi Arabia, including Qiddiya, Diriyah Gate, Red Sea Global / Amaala, NEOM and several others.  

Experienced with a vast array of project types, Tim has been part of the delivery of some of DSA’s award-winning projects including Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach, Old Town Residential, Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa, and Sanctuary Falls, Jumeirah Golf Estates, to name a few.  

Tim shares, “The future of the construction industry in the Middle East is extremely exciting, most especially in KSA as it moves towards new developments and repositions as a global hub. Our office expansion in Riyadh is part of our long-term vision aligned with Saudi Arabia’s plans for transformation and identity redefinition. Our experience in successfully setting up our operations in the Middle East over two decades ago has put us into a great position for the numerous opportunities that Saudi Arabia presently offers. The country is providing an unparalleled landscape for growth, and we fully support its future aspirations.” 

The growth of a company is often seen as a testament to its success and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. The firm has managed to increase their staff complement two-fold since COVID19, through organic growth and now have over 200 employees across their offices. The foresight to establish and grow support offices during the pandemic, in readiness for the anticipated opportunities in KSA, can be seen to be a key decision. DSA believe that people play an integral role in the success of the company and building a balanced culture, creating an inclusive environment, as well as investing in the right talent and innovation are key aspects to further strengthen the company’s competitive position. Hence, they ensure to provide the right opportunities for growth and create a workplace where its employees can develop their talents and nurture their creativity.  

“The DSA team is committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously learning, and adapting to ensure we remain at the forefront of this ever-evolving field. With a team composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we have proven time and again our ability to deliver exceptional results, as well as our dedication towards shaping a better future through design.”, adds Tim. 

Source: Design Middle East - Powerlist Influential 30 Architects 2024


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Originally, I am from France but have spent many years living across the world, from Africa, The United States and most recently the Middle East.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle and as you can see, I have travelled a lot. Having an active life is very important to me, whether that be through things like mountain biking and water sports or even camping at the weekend.

My education began at the School of Versailles in Paris. It was a great school to study at, but I also loved it because of its location. Paris is such a diverse city that is always evolving. If you accompany that with decades of stunning architecture, it really becomes and place like no other.

I have been interested in seeing things grow and develop since a very young age. As a girl I would build sandcastles and tree houses with my brother. Over time that interest developed further and by my teens I knew I wanted to be an architect.

For the last 5 years I have been with the DSA team and my role consists of managing projects from design to creation. As a Project Architect, I am positioned between the design team and the client. It’s a role that I love because it can be so varied from project to project.

Each client has their own particular requests, and it is critical that I understand them at an early stage.

Not only does this help ensure that all team members keep to what the client wants, but also it means that any design hurdles can resolved at a swift pace, avoiding lengthy delays.

When a project begins, inspiration for design is never too far away. From looking back at past successes and evolving those ideas further, to examining the surroundings of the project location. It’s fundamental to capture the vision of the client, taking multiple elements and combining them to create a strong identity.

Spending some quality family time with my husband and son is extremely important to me. When i’m not emersed in a project, I like to spend as much time with them as possible. I also have a great passion for cooking and maintaining a healthy diet. I am always researching new and exciting recipes.

However, the excitement for designing is always with me and currently I am designing a villa for my family and I in France during my spare time.
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