Senior Architects & Architects | Hyderabad & Kochi, India

Locations: Hyderabad & Kochi, India

Successful candidates will possess the following competencies and experience:

Basic Function:

  • The following detailed tasks, duties and responsibilities although expected to be implemented and managed by the Senior Architect, should be coordinated with the company’s line management and regional management.
  • The Senior Architect may be required to fulfill duties as detailed below on single or multiple projects or working on strategic / special tasks and projects.
  • The special tasks may not be project specific and maybe part of a company strategic programme. Special tasks will include the likes of QA & QC audits, procedural writing etc.
  • The Senior Architect must work closely with their immediate supervisor and line manager to establish and agree work scope and responsibilities of this role on the specific project; and establish the required resources / support to fulfill all required duties as agreed.
  • scope of the Role & responsibilities noted below will be determined in conjunction with and subject to agreement with the Project Director.

General Competencies:

  • Provide the oversight, management and administration services for the Design consultant services contract, reporting direct to the company Project director.
  • Responsible for leading the company’s design team : supervising the team and providing overall direction, technical support and control of the Design programme & Design work plan with direct responsibility for design review, coordination, monitoring design schedules, design drawings / documentation, and bid process.
  • Post-Contract responsibilities include monitoring of RFI responses and technical submittal, processing for design changes and programme.
  • Facilitate and prepare, working closely with the company Project Director, Design Architects, Project Coordinator, the following:
  • the company Project Execution Plan / Design work plan
  • Project Roles & Responsibilities Matrix. The R&R Matrix will need to be ultimately agreed with the Client /PM.
  • Project Quality Plan, Procedures and Work Instructions – Initial preparation, updates, and facilitating Quality audits via an Audit programme
  • Provide the single point of contact for each Design consultant on design issues and act as “facilitator” for the resolution of internal conflicts and problem areas.
  • Facilitate, chair and minute weekly coordination meetings or conference calls with the design consultants
  • Provide a point of contact with the Employers, Client Reps and their PM’s [where applicable].
  • Ensure that the design team is aware of and have a common understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals [RFP] including technical design scopes for consultants and identify design elements and deliverables to be undertaken for projects
  • Prepare information packages for projects to issue to consultants and other project participants:
  • Be responsible for the administration of the design contracts; this will include ensuring that proper contracts have been executed in an expeditious manner, the consultants make their submittals (related to the administration and management of the contract such as the Design Work Plan) in a timely fashion, equitable fee breakdowns are submitted ahead of time, they are approved by the Client, verification of payment applications, change order administration related to consultants’ contracts, verification of insurance coverage and validity, etc.
  • Provide technical support and supervision of the pre-design, design, and bid programmes including solicitations of interest, prequalification, preparation & review of request for proposals, adjudication and award recommendations.
  • Monitor the company design team & consultants’ performance in the conduct of design according to the established packaging strategy, including adherence to programme, cost, standards, codes, design coordination activities, and the production of construction bid documentation which would include providing assistance to obtain appropriate approvals from local regulatory authorities.
  • Monitoring of resources employed by the various consultants.
  • Review of Management, Execution plans, QA documentation submitted by Consultants.
  • All administrative and commercial issues pertaining to Consultants.
  • Monitor the status of open items in the “Action Lists” at least on a weekly basis to ensure speedy resolution of issues. Monitor “RFI-s” raised between consultants and follow up for responses in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that design criteria have been developed across the entire development for all the design disciplines to aid the design and construction of future phases of the project and that they have been approved by the Client. Also ensure that the consultants abide by
  • the General Requirements established for the Project
  • the Project Execution / Design Work Plan and related procedures.
  • Ensure incorporation of best practices in building design where relevant
  • Develop and update the company design guidelines, FTP site usage protocol and CAD drafting standards, ensuring compliance by all design team members by policing the same. This may entail tutoring the team as required.
  • Implement and police a first class quality control protocols and regime within the company design team for the production of fully coordinated drawings and design documentation. Similarly QC protocols and regimes are to be insisted on from the other design consultants with adhoc checking and policing as required.
  • Take part in all design coordination meetings chaired by the Design Architect / Project Coordinator to monitor schedule compliance and identify critical decisions / issues that could seriously impact the production of bid documentation.
  • See that the design documentation (including progress documentation) are reviewed for completeness, competitiveness, coordination, constructability, any special specified Client requirements, etc. and that written review comments are submitted to the consultants in a timely manner. Review Specifications.
  • Test & Approve design solutions proposed by the design team, ensuring that the design is the best in terms of: value-engineering, health & safety, sustainability, fit for purpose, functionality and aesthetic compliance
  • Review the design, as required, with the QS with a view to monitoring the budget. Recommend alternate solutions for cost-effective design.
  • See that comments and answers issued during the bidding process are incorporated into the Construction Documents.
  • Assist as required, for participation in the Employer’s Change control process.
  • Facilitate, working closely with the project coordinator & Design Architect, the implementation of all Project controls [see later section for details], working with the company Design Architect, Site Architect and the available project resources, to include programmes, schedules, progress reports and records [these are also detailed below]
  • Assist as required, for the production of executive reports on a monthly basis.[ see later “Project Controls” section for further details]
  • Assist the Project Coordinator / Design Architect as required, for the implementation, all required schedules and log records for the use in managing, tracking, coordination, reporting and record keeping. These could include, but not be limited to the likes of:
  • Drawing, specification status & Issue logs with approval tracking – these will be provided by the Design teams.
  • Drawing & other deliverable schedules with approval tracking – these will be provided by the Design teams.
  • Design Variation log – this should be provided by the Employer’s PM but it is recommended that the company should be looking after their own interests here and we suggest that a Commercial manager is employed who would pro-actively manage this process and seek the financial reimbursement thereof
  • In conjunction with the various design teams’, identify variations and programme delays, manage and assist in the preparation of ensuing claims and EOT requests. This will require full cooperation of the Design teams and their management.
  • Provide / arrange training and support on quality assurance systems, policies, procedures and core processes

Qualifications and Key Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Self-driven to take ownership, set targets, meet deadlines, and make a positive contribution
  • Process driven
  • Analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Testing best practices and defect management practices

If you are interested in this vacancy, please send your CV and PORTFOLIO OF WORKS to

Quoting the job title “SENIOR ARCHITECT / ARCHITECT - HYD OR COK” in the subject line.

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